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Dare Dorm Room Beer Bong Video

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daredorm beerbong

A group of crazy college students, four girls and two guys, from Texas drink beers from an octopus beer bong, the girls out drinking the guys and beginning to feel themselves up. They end up slowly stripping their clothes off, but tops come off first; house rooms demand that all shirts come off. One exotic babe with tan skin and hoop earrings makes out with a guy while sitting on the bar. At the same time, one topless blonde begins squirting lotion all over her well-endowed girlfriend. This crazy night culminates in wild group sex after everyone’s clothes come off.

Dare Dorm

Dorm Dare Birthday Threesome

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daredorm birthday

Watch as a college dare turns this birthday party into a sex fest for the birthday boy. It starts with him blowing out the candles of his birthday cake and ends up with him getting blown by these beautiful college chicks. One by one these four luscious ladies take off their shorts then take turns sucking the birthday boys cock. They also enjoy the taste of each other’s young college pussies. It becomes a free for all they fuck, suck, and lick each other as the party gets hot enough to melt the birthday candles, as each chick works to outdo the other.

Dare Dorm Birthday

Dare Dorm Naked Girls Bent Over

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dare dorm sluts

These four chicks are having a sleep over and decide to have a college dare party. In their panties and
t-shirts jumping around the bunk beds they enjoy touching each other’s pussies on a dare. One by one
they dare each other to strip. They break out their camera phones and take pictures of themselves being
naked. They grab a CD and hide their pussies from the camera. That of course calls for a group kiss as
they kneel in front of each naked. They take turns bending over and showing their nice asses to the
camera. It wouldn’t be a party without each one of them playing with their pussies.

Dare Dorm Sluts