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Dare Dorm 69 Porn

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Hot chicks know that college is all about fucking through the best parties and cumming as many times as possible in a night. They don’t care if they are feeling up another woman or if they are riding the hard cock of their neighbor. These girls don’t care what anyone thinks. It’s all about their next orgasm. As they party, these hot girls get to eat their fair share of pussy and fuck as many guys as they can get hard. This is what college life is about. They know how to share their pussy and fuck until they graduate.

Dare Dorm 69

Five College Girls Fucking

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Sometimes college students get bored hanging around in their dorm rooms. But they never stay bored for long. These five cock craving cuties decided to invite two dudes around to play spin the bottle. And even though that might seem like a rather tame game for college, in this case it was only a ruse to get the guys cocks hard, not that they needed any encouragement in the first place. No sooner had the kissing begun when the sucking, licking and fucking took over. These guys got to grope ass and tits and stick their screw tools into three soaking pussies. And there was some lesbian action, too, making this college group sex session a total pleasure to watch and be a part of.

College Dorm Orgy

Amateur College Group Sex

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Looking presentable on campus is worth it when, in the privacy of your dorm room, you can host any number of raucous costume parties, at which you can dress any way you want. And that’s exactly what these coeds do, except at their party the costumes soon start coming off, so that everyone is semi-naked on the dance floor, making out and fondling each other. If the party was fun, the orgy it turns into is even more enjoyable. Cocks are inserted into mouths, pussies are eaten, and there is also a threesome where a dude fucks a girl while she gives her female buddy oral sex. Its cum-filled campus chaos, such as is to be expected from naughty college coeds.

College Group Sex

College Girlfriend Dorm Anal Sex

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For their anniversary, this sneaky student has the perfect plan to please both him and his sexy girlfriend. Since she won’t put out until marriage, he reasons that if he can convince her to receive an anal fuck, her virginity will stay intact. But in order to get her in the mood, this horny stud decides to round up some college students for some group sex. Once gathered in his dorm room, clothes are quickly stripped, partners are paired up and swapped, and before you know it, every cock and pussy has been fucked, licked and sucked. And our guy and his girl have enjoyed an awesome, anal anniversary.

College Anal Sex

Dare Dorm Tape Party

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These hot college girls show off their firm tits and asses as they get dressed for the party in their dorm room. It is a tape party as the girls place tape around their private areas and bounce up and down getting ready to meet some hot guys. At the tape party a couple of the girls end up getting fucked hard by some horny boys. The black princess with the big juicy ass and nice full tits gets fucked good from behind as she bounces her black butt on top of the Spanish dude. Her ass has him mesmerized and we all know that college pussy and ass is like gold!

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Titty Pong Dorm Sex

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College has never been so much fun for some. These students are able to relax just like their parents told them not to. As they think about their long week, there is no better way to relax than beer pong and chicks in panties. As they continue to stress, these students find that kissing and fucking is the best distraction. These girls are willing to donate their pretty pussies and tits to the cause by kissing their fellow man and sucking as many dicks as they can. For those that still can’t relax, they can pound a pussy for as long as they want, getting rid of all that unwanted stress. If you like beer pong and sex then you will love this shit!

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Dorm Sex Positions Party!

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We have another Dare Dorm sexy party going on here and it’s one that is sure to go down in college fuck town history! A group of girls and guys get together to have a few drinks and end up having a lot of fun. First one blonde gets a lap dance. This sets the crazy and wild mood. Then, two brunettes blow a guy at the same time. They take turn fucking each guy but don’t forget to play with each other as well. They eat each other’s pussy and make each other orgasm. The girl’s get into crazy positions and have more fun than any person outside the dorm can imagine.

Dorm Sex Party

Drinking Games and College Sex

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This gallery has a group of college kids in a dorm room playing drinking games. They get a group full of the sluttiest girls on campus. Quickly they end up stripping off their clothes and taking turns fucking each other senseless. The girls range from white, to Asian, to dark ebony. They all play with each other and take turns with each throbbing hard cock. It’s a party full of drunken games and sex. One girl might suck the guy off while the other girl is making out with him or riding his face. What a lucky guy.

College Sex Games

College Costume Party Sex in Dorm

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Costume parties aren’t just for kids anymore, and when you introduce role play into the college dorm room the only thing you can get out of it is a lot of wild and crazy fun! These sexy college coeds are all dressed up and ready to mingle, and when the drinks start flowing shit starts going crazy. A petite girl in a bright green wig bends over and lets people take jello shots off of her perfectly round ass, while her blonde friend gets pounded from behind across the room. You are not going to want to miss this wild and crazy college porn. For more videos like this check out the college sex videos on Dare dorm!

Dare Dorm

Holiday Dorm Sex Party in College

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It’s a St. Patty’s Day party in the dorm room and everybody is dressed in green. Not for long though as the sexy college girls slowly remove their tops to reveal some perky and nice tits in this college porn. The girls branch off with a couple of the horny college boys and the hot sucking and fucking college sex ensues. Two sexy brunettes give one lucky guy a hot threesome on the bed. One horny girl sucks his hard cock while the other rides him on top of the bed with her big milky ass cheeks bouncing all over. These college kids really know how to throw a party and make college videos.

Dare Dorm Sex Party