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Hi everyone! It’s been a long time since I posted an update here so I thought it was only appropriate for me to share some more Dare Dorm videos with you. This update features a hot interracial college threesome with two girls and one big black cock. The white college girls could barely even take down this hung dudes meat stick. Oh, did I forget to mention that one of the girls decided to bring her strapon to the threesome! Shit just got real! Check it out now!

Free Dare Dorm Vids

Dare Dorm Art Fun College Video

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What’s going on everyone? We have another amazing Dare Dorm update for you and this one is called Art Fun! The daredorm art fun update features a hot college girl Allie and her body painting friends. This went from art to fucking full on in minutes. Naked body painting will really be an amazing time and if you are in college I’d suggest giving it a try. College girls are the best!

Dare Dorm Art Fun

Lesbian College Porn Dorm Videos

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Dare dorm is back with more college sex in this lesbian college porn. These sexy sisters are playing truth or dare. As the girls go around the circle they begin to question one another’s sexuality, and all of that lesbian talk turns into a desire to strip, so the dorm dares begin. Once they are all nude the girls begin to explore each others bodies, leading to some serious lesbian dorm sex. They rub and caress each others sexy shaved pussies, and kiss their hard puffy nipples. Two girls get really into it, and soon the rest of the room can’t help but gawk at all of their sexy action.

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College Students Make a Sex Tape

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What up bitches!!!! We have some awesome footage of a hot girls doing crazy stunts in the dare dorm and this video includes some heavy body painting mixed with big titties bouncing freely in the air! To be honest it’s really just another typical day at our college dorm but we like to make it seem super extravagant for you because we know you wish you were here! There is nothing better than ending the week off with some dare porn dorm videos. Fucking epic I say!

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Dare Dorm Free Porn Movie

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Everyone loves a nice pimps and hos party right? Well, it seems to me that more hos showed up than anything today. This group of college babes got together the other night while having a couple drinks. Somehow the video ended in a pimps and hos sex party orgy that out 10k cash in thris pocket. We have all the latest free dare dorm porn movies for you to check out!

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Dorm Movie of Sex on Campus Leaked

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This was a crazy dorm room sex video that we finally got our hands on! It was submitted last night to us by a group of college studuents. I must let you know first off that this video is extremely entertaining. These college babes will do anything for some sort cash and this is proven very quickly. I’m not sure if you have actually ever had an orgy in college or made a sextape with some girls in a dorm room but once they get drunk and start going it gets pretty fucking crazy! Every dare dorm movie I’ve ever gotten my hands on has been amazing. You’re gonna love this one for sure!

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Dorm Sex College Party Movie

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I love these dorm sex parties that go on in college these days! This is one of the most awesome party sex videos I’ve seen. A group of hot college babes were drinking and getting crazy in a dorm room. They went to a football game and were flashing tits and doing crazy shit! Once they were behind closed doors it got even more wild. Amateur girls were sucking cock and getting fucked in a nice group! College orgy party 2011!

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Dorm Sex Caught on Tape

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These girls are up to no good here in the dare dorm for sure. They busted out the video camera and got pretty fucking crazy. The girls were horny and talking in the bathroom while applying some lotion. The talk was interesting. The girls were flexible and fun for sure. They ended up shifting over to the dorm room and it got wild from here on out. They filmed a threesome and more with some lucky guy. This was fucking awesome!

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Dare Dorm Room Beer Bong Video

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A group of crazy college students, four girls and two guys, from Texas drink beers from an octopus beer bong, the girls out drinking the guys and beginning to feel themselves up. They end up slowly stripping their clothes off, but tops come off first; house rooms demand that all shirts come off. One exotic babe with tan skin and hoop earrings makes out with a guy while sitting on the bar. At the same time, one topless blonde begins squirting lotion all over her well-endowed girlfriend. This crazy night culminates in wild group sex after everyone’s clothes come off.

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Dorm Dare Birthday Threesome

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Watch as a college dare turns this birthday party into a sex fest for the birthday boy. It starts with him blowing out the candles of his birthday cake and ends up with him getting blown by these beautiful college chicks. One by one these four luscious ladies take off their shorts then take turns sucking the birthday boys cock. They also enjoy the taste of each other’s young college pussies. It becomes a free for all they fuck, suck, and lick each other as the party gets hot enough to melt the birthday candles, as each chick works to outdo the other.

Dare Dorm Birthday