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Dorm Dare Birthday Threesome

17 May, 05:25, by admin Tags: , , , ,

daredorm birthday

Watch as a college dare turns this birthday party into a sex fest for the birthday boy. It starts with him blowing out the candles of his birthday cake and ends up with him getting blown by these beautiful college chicks. One by one these four luscious ladies take off their shorts then take turns sucking the birthday boys cock. They also enjoy the taste of each other’s young college pussies. It becomes a free for all they fuck, suck, and lick each other as the party gets hot enough to melt the birthday candles, as each chick works to outdo the other.

Dare Dorm Birthday

Dorm Sex Video For Cash

08 March, 20:46, by admin Tags: , , , , , ,

college dorm movie

I must say that most dorm rooms have the craziest shit going on in them. This one is defintely included in that mayhem. LOL. The blonde college girl sucked this guys dick and licked his balls for fun and she did this all on camera in a sex video. In fact she submitted this video to the dare dorm to try and make $10K cash for her silly antics. It was pretty amazing. I wonder why girls do these things? I guess I shouldn’t complain at all in any way because college girl sex videos are fucking awesome! I love all you amateur babes! Keep making those dorm sex videos please!

Dorm Sex Video

Hot College Girls Dorm Fun

07 March, 20:59, by admin Tags: , ,

hot college girls

Wow! These girls are so hot! They were playing a game of dodgeball in the hallway of their dorm. I must say that it got very interesting when the guys put a wager on the game. The girls had to strip down during the game each time they got hit. It ended up being an insane naked party in the dorm hallway. Trust me it was awesome. This led to a dorm sex video that would make anyone cum in seconds. I love these college sluts that fuck for nothing!

College Girls Video