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Dorm Sex Positions Party!

12 October, 16:14, by admin Tags: , , , ,

college dare sex
We have another Dare Dorm sexy party going on here and it’s one that is sure to go down in college fuck town history! A group of girls and guys get together to have a few drinks and end up having a lot of fun. First one blonde gets a lap dance. This sets the crazy and wild mood. Then, two brunettes blow a guy at the same time. They take turn fucking each guy but don’t forget to play with each other as well. They eat each other’s pussy and make each other orgasm. The girl’s get into crazy positions and have more fun than any person outside the dorm can imagine.

Dorm Sex Party

Dorm Dare Birthday Threesome

17 May, 05:25, by admin Tags: , , , ,

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Watch as a college dare turns this birthday party into a sex fest for the birthday boy. It starts with him blowing out the candles of his birthday cake and ends up with him getting blown by these beautiful college chicks. One by one these four luscious ladies take off their shorts then take turns sucking the birthday boys cock. They also enjoy the taste of each other’s young college pussies. It becomes a free for all they fuck, suck, and lick each other as the party gets hot enough to melt the birthday candles, as each chick works to outdo the other.

Dare Dorm Birthday

Us Girls in Dare Dorm

13 April, 16:59, by admin Tags: , , ,

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Check out us girls in the dare dorm room sex video today. This was a fantastic update. If you like amateur college girls that like to finger themselves in front of other girls then you have come to the right place. The girls hung out in their dorm room with a camera, took their panties off and started using toys on their pussies. It was fucking fantastic. Trust me if you were at this sex party you would be begging to fuck these girls. Simply amazing. I love you college hotties!

College Dorm Porn

Hot College Girls Dorm Fun

07 March, 20:59, by admin Tags: , ,

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Wow! These girls are so hot! They were playing a game of dodgeball in the hallway of their dorm. I must say that it got very interesting when the guys put a wager on the game. The girls had to strip down during the game each time they got hit. It ended up being an insane naked party in the dorm hallway. Trust me it was awesome. This led to a dorm sex video that would make anyone cum in seconds. I love these college sluts that fuck for nothing!

College Girls Video

Two Girls in a Dorm Sex Movie

07 March, 20:30, by admin Tags: , , , , ,

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Who likes college girls? We do, we do! These girls are naughty college girls too. They made a crazy college sex video in their dorm room. The girls were running around the dorm flashing a bunch of random guys and trying to get them excited. They even went in the boys bathroom and filmed some random funny acts topless. Well, they got caught and their punishment was to fuck a college guy in their dorm room. They filmed the whole sex act! It was awesome!

Two Girls Dorm Sex Movie