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Lesbian College Porn Dorm Videos

21 March, 15:39, by admin Tags: , , , ,

dare dorm videos
Dare dorm is back with more college sex in this lesbian college porn. These sexy sisters are playing truth or dare. As the girls go around the circle they begin to question one another’s sexuality, and all of that lesbian talk turns into a desire to strip, so the dorm dares begin. Once they are all nude the girls begin to explore each others bodies, leading to some serious lesbian dorm sex. They rub and caress each others sexy shaved pussies, and kiss their hard puffy nipples. Two girls get really into it, and soon the rest of the room can’t help but gawk at all of their sexy action.

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College Students Make a Sex Tape

13 November, 14:41, by admin Tags: , , ,

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What up bitches!!!! We have some awesome footage of a hot girls doing crazy stunts in the dare dorm and this video includes some heavy body painting mixed with big titties bouncing freely in the air! To be honest it’s really just another typical day at our college dorm but we like to make it seem super extravagant for you because we know you wish you were here! There is nothing better than ending the week off with some dare porn dorm videos. Fucking epic I say!

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