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Dorm Sex Caught on Tape

15 June, 19:32, by admin Tags: , , , ,

dare dorm on tape

These girls are up to no good here in the dare dorm for sure. They busted out the video camera and got pretty fucking crazy. The girls were horny and talking in the bathroom while applying some lotion. The talk was interesting. The girls were flexible and fun for sure. They ended up shifting over to the dorm room and it got wild from here on out. They filmed a threesome and more with some lucky guy. This was fucking awesome!

Dorm Video

Amateur Dorm Room Blowjob

09 March, 12:04, by admin Tags: , , , , ,

dare blowjob

This girl is one sexy college student. She is a nasty gf too! The other day she was in her dorm room and she let her boyfriend record her sucking his dick. Hahah She did a really good job too. The technique she used was professional and she was drunk during the filming too. Their are tons of college students that record videos like this in their dorms. This was just so happen to get submitted to the Dare Dorm and we got our hands on it. It was fucking awesome. I would do anything to be back in college having sex with all these hot girls. You have no idea how crazy school is these days. You would love it for sure! Dorm room sex is the best!

Amateur Dorm Room Blowjob