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Lesbian College Porn Dorm Videos

21 March, 15:39, by admin Tags: , , , ,

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Dare dorm is back with more college sex in this lesbian college porn. These sexy sisters are playing truth or dare. As the girls go around the circle they begin to question one another’s sexuality, and all of that lesbian talk turns into a desire to strip, so the dorm dares begin. Once they are all nude the girls begin to explore each others bodies, leading to some serious lesbian dorm sex. They rub and caress each others sexy shaved pussies, and kiss their hard puffy nipples. Two girls get really into it, and soon the rest of the room can’t help but gawk at all of their sexy action.

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College Students Make a Sex Tape

13 November, 14:41, by admin Tags: , , ,

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What up bitches!!!! We have some awesome footage of a hot girls doing crazy stunts in the dare dorm and this video includes some heavy body painting mixed with big titties bouncing freely in the air! To be honest it’s really just another typical day at our college dorm but we like to make it seem super extravagant for you because we know you wish you were here! There is nothing better than ending the week off with some dare porn dorm videos. Fucking epic I say!

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Dorm Sex College Party Movie

28 July, 10:38, by admin Tags: , , , ,

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I love these dorm sex parties that go on in college these days! This is one of the most awesome party sex videos I’ve seen. A group of hot college babes were drinking and getting crazy in a dorm room. They went to a football game and were flashing tits and doing crazy shit! Once they were behind closed doors it got even more wild. Amateur girls were sucking cock and getting fucked in a nice group! College orgy party 2011!

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Dare Dorm Naked Girls Bent Over

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These four chicks are having a sleep over and decide to have a college dare party. In their panties and
t-shirts jumping around the bunk beds they enjoy touching each other’s pussies on a dare. One by one
they dare each other to strip. They break out their camera phones and take pictures of themselves being
naked. They grab a CD and hide their pussies from the camera. That of course calls for a group kiss as
they kneel in front of each naked. They take turns bending over and showing their nice asses to the
camera. It wouldn’t be a party without each one of them playing with their pussies.

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Punk Rock Dorm Sex

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Pink hair is alway cute. Especially when the girl with the pink hair is licking some guys balls like there is no tomorrow! She submitted a hot dorm room sex video to she with the rest of the world. I couldn’t believe that she was able to fit his nuts in her mouth like that! College girls are really talented that way I guess. Anyway, if you like dorm sex movies then you will love watching this hot alternative girlfriend have sex in the dorm!

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Free Dare Dorm Movie of Big Ass Girl

30 March, 20:20, by admin Tags: , , ,

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This college girl was in the dare dorm and we just had to get a movie of her and that big ass. What’s better is that her ass was giggling when she was getting fucked hard in this dorm room sex video. The brunette girl woke up as we were filming her and she was pretty pissed but she decided to roll with it and fuck on film. She even took a load of cum on her ass which was seriously breathtaking! God I love these dorm room videos.

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College Students Dorm Orgy Video

10 March, 11:56, by admin Tags: , , , , , ,

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What’s better than a threesome? Well a foursome with 3 girls! This lucky fucker got to have sex with all three of these girls in his dorm room. He actually convinced them to fuck on camera too. It was absolutely incredible! They were all partying in the dare dorm and they were getting super drunk together playing dare games. It was getting really crazy with girls running around naked in the dorm room. College girls always love experimenting and having orgies with other girls. I wish I was invited to this fuck session! College orgy rules!

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Amateur Dorm Room Blowjob

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This girl is one sexy college student. She is a nasty gf too! The other day she was in her dorm room and she let her boyfriend record her sucking his dick. Hahah She did a really good job too. The technique she used was professional and she was drunk during the filming too. Their are tons of college students that record videos like this in their dorms. This was just so happen to get submitted to the Dare Dorm and we got our hands on it. It was fucking awesome. I would do anything to be back in college having sex with all these hot girls. You have no idea how crazy school is these days. You would love it for sure! Dorm room sex is the best!

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College Students Make A Sextape

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I gotta say that college has been the most interesting time of my life. It’s one of those parts of your life you will never get back and should certainly go all out. This group of students took their college experience to the next level when they made a sex tape in the dorm room! LOL The girls were hilarious and doing random funny poses and making faces with dick and balls in front of them. Oh, they did a bit of licking and fucking too. It was an all out dorm room sex video showdown! Trust me, you have not seen anything like this in your entire life!

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